Look at this!^^
Tomo Bubbles

Hello there!!

Look at my Kritzel-Thing!! (its Made by myself^^ xD)


Mutti sagte zu Vati: "Es sieht so aus wie du, nur dass du das ohne Zigarette wärst" xD



Happy Birthday, Tomo!!
Tomo Bubbles

Helllo there!!

Today is Tomo-kuns Birthday!!

Happy Birtday, my dear <3

Hope, you had/have a great Party!

Another hot Day in our Life...

Hello there!!

yeah, it`s very eyhausting to ride in this heat- there are no clouds, its a blue Sky!!

My Horse sweating, I sweating


and yesterday, We saw the Cat... xDD

 stupid, stupid Cat xDD

so, that was all for the moment!!


Weeeekeeeend!! ;D

Hello there!!

Sometimes, i would have a big cushion. If i had these, i would fall in this and "pppuuuuuh" xDD

I get new Lj-Icons (thanks curvier^^ ( I hope that`s the right name ^.-))

And Sempai, it`s about Rikkai xD I hope, you`re not Sore xDD

Yeah, that was all for the moment ( It`s very small, i know -_-)



Tomo Bubbles

Hey there!!

Boa, it`s soo hot in Germany! And now we must work on the field! i feel week xDD

Our Training is totally cool. We dancing to the song Please don`t stop the Music by Rihanna i think, (Remix) and its very cool!

Seegraf has demeged his Halfter ( i don`t know the English Word for)
So we must bought a new one xD


Shit happens...
Tomo Bubbles

Hello there...

So, the Fate has changed fastly

yesterday, i was the happiest Girl in the World
And today, i`m the sadest

The Boy, who talked with me, has a girlfirend

Yes, i know him only for three days, but i`m very, very sad

Yeah, i think, you think now, i`m overreact
i think so a little bit too

but its... aah, i don`t find right words for...


Something Special^^
Tomo Bubbles

Hello there!!

I`m so lucky!

I showed that i`m not shy- in the Bus i spoke to a strange Boy- and he answerd me!
Today i spoke with him, too
and tomorrow, i will do it, too!!

My Face smiled always!  I hope, it will be a good ending!

The Snow, who felt yesterday, has gone. I hope, it sno´ws no more times!!

so, thats all


Sunny Days
Jun headerBLOG

Hello there!

So, tomorrow i must go to school- after one week holiday xD

Eastern was great- i got new Shoes and the DvD Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows! i love this movie, and i can`t wait to watch the next part^^

Sempai was here. We had a lot of fun^^

I just want to relax, hope, i can do it!

ya, it was all for the moment!



Today`s your Lucky day ♪

Hello there!!

now, i´m very happy
because Yesterday, my Sister, Mrs. von Kymmel, Steven and few other People have seen our Horse with an other Horse on one meadow togehter!!!

And Seegraf, our Horse, was very, very friendly!!
I`m so proud of him!

here some Picture from Seegraf and from Opal an Seegraf:

He looks like an real RaceHorse^^

He`s a Thoroughbred

I think, it was a very positive day xDD

so, it was all for the moment!!


Enemies- L and Light
Tomo Bubbles

Somebody, how knows Death Note, know what i mean

L and Light- Enemies, forever!

But... togehter on Fotos, they are "good" Friends

"...Hmm... What did he do..?"

 Light is an Intelligent Boy... but L is one, too!

 "...Can you feel me? I`m behind you...!"

The Actors where:



Have a great Fun with this Pictures!

"Can you see a Light?" "a Light?" "Jeah, a Light" "Hmm... Yes, next to me" "ummm..."



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